B-Three Develops Long-Term Relationship with National Insurance Firm

Over the past 5 years, B-Three’s relationship with a nationally-accredited insurance brokerage firm has expanded.

The initial contract with the firm originated in 2013 when B-Three was brought on board to supplement the client’s IT staff to upgrade and modernize an existing internal web system used by the company employees. The B-Three developers consolidated code that was replicated across two intranet applications and rewrote both websites using the latest ASP.NET framework and ASP.NET MVC with KnockoutJS for client-side interaction.

Next, the B-Three team went on to build another website to give the client’s customers a virtual portal where they could view their account details and submit payments online. B-Three system analysts were successful in developing the new site with a WebAPI backend that allows the client to receive payments directly from customers.

In more recent years, B-Three has continued to collaborate with this insurance firm to develop an integration hub that corresponds directly with insurance carriers, allowing the client to generate immediate rates and quotes for their customers.

The client is very happy with the finished products and intends to keep B-Three engaged on future projects to come.