B-Three Goes Dog Friendly

March 22, 2018


A new policy at B-Three Solutions now allows furry friends to join their humans in the workplace.

The dog policy was introduced at the beginning of March. After seeing the positive effect that a few visiting canines had on employees, B-Three President Mike Walton thought it might be nice to regularly allow dogs in the office.

“We’re noticing that quite a few companies around Pittsburgh allow employees to bring pets into the workplace. After observing how the occasional dog visit seemed to boost office morale, we figured it’d be nice to have them come around more often!”

Not only are employees enjoying the extra office guests, the dogs are certainly appreciative of the additional attention.

“Our dogs jump at the option to visit work! They love it!” said Brooke Rebovich, HR Director. “Instead of staying home alone for the workday, they get to visit all of our employees and score a few extra belly rubs!”

In addition to the obvious convenience of bringing pets to work, a 2017 USA Today article also cites that a pet-friendly workplace helps in the recruitment and retention of employees, improves office morale, and creates opportunities for connection amongst staffers.

The B-Three policy allows employees to bring friendly, well-behaved and trained dogs into the workspace.

“As long as they respect our company-wide policy, which forbids peeing on the carpets or scaring off the mailman, we welcome them!” Walton said. “We wouldn’t expect anything from the visiting dogs that we don’t already require of our employees!”

As for offering this unique workplace perk, B-Three is in good company: The tech giant “Google” also allows employees the luxury of bringing pets into the office.

“They just add to the experience,” one B-Three employee commented.

And It’s no wonder – nothing makes a “ruff” day at the office seem a little bit better than some snuggles from the resident office pup!