B-Three Graduates Another Class of Summer Interns

As summer comes to a close, so does another season of B-Three college internships!  This past summer, B-Three welcomed two interns from Grove City College – Rachel Leone and Mona Ni.

Both Rachel and Mona migrated to the field of software development from majors outside of the typical Computer Science curricula.

When Rachel started at Grove City, her chosen major was math. Her first exposure to coding didn’t come until her second semester of college when she enrolled in a programming course. “I was just trying to get rid of my one programming course requirement and ended up loving it!” Rachel said. “Eventually I decided to switch my major to Computer Science and I’m glad I did.”

Mona, on the other hand, is an Electrical Engineering major with a dual interest in software development. Her curiosity in programming peaked as she searched for a way to implement an idea for a unique social networking platform.

“Last fall semester, I had the concept of an online collaboration and social networking platform to connect technical experts around solving global social challenges. I have since been pursuing experience in computer science and entrepreneurship to build the project into a SaaS company ever since!” said Mona.

While programming and computer science fields are often male dominated, both Rachel and Mona are proud to be contributing to the growing female interest in these professions. They hope to influence lower-level educational facilities to implement programs that will encourage interest in computer science among younger girls and boys, alike.

“I think that it would be most beneficial to host co-ed coding classes for kids who have no experience coding, and deliberately avoid marketing the programs based on gender,” said Mona. “I perceive the biggest hindrance to girls in coding is a lack of exposure and integration into coding culture. Once coding is part of the girl culture, girls will be able to find more abundant support and friends to help develop their skills.”

“I think that basic programming should be introduced to the core curriculum of lower-level education so that everyone is given an entrance to the programming world,” Rachel added. “…I think that we could do a better job at offering programming events targeted towards females. Giving more girls exposure to computer science at a younger age could do wonders for the Computer Science field.”

While at B-Three this summer, both women were tasked with making improvements to the internal B-Three time-keeping software, and working on other assignments alongside full-time developers.  To hear firsthand about their responsibilities and experience, check out the video below: