B-Three Participates in 2016 Grove City Career Fair

October 2016

For the past 6 years, B-Three Solutions has been both a sponsor and participant in the Grove City College career fair. 2016 proved to be no different.
On October 5, B-Three VP of Operations, Jamie Schultz, along with Director of HR, Brooke Taylor, Systems and Network Administrator, Brian Schultz, and Systems Analyst, Caelan Mayberry, made the trip to the Grove City College “Physical Learning Center” to participate in the fall semester career fair.
Over the course of 6 hours, the B-Three team consulted with students specializing in a variety of majors, including Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Systems, and Computer Science.
Rookie teammate Caelan Mayberry, a Grove City alumni (2015) who formally served as a B-Three intern, was integral in educating potential candidates on the perks and challenges of employment in the B-Three office.
Interested “Grovers” were able to provide contact information for a spring semester coding seminar to be hosted on the Grove City campus, by B-Three staff. The event yielded numerous resumes and interview opportunities, and was an overall success!