B-Three Solutions Moves Forward with Civil Action Against Patrol Officer; Requests Emails and Documentation from City

On Thursday, April 5, B-Three Solutions filed civil action against Pittsburgh Police patrol officer Sorouth Chatterji for defamatory allegations gleaned from his 2015 investigation of City IT systems.  These accusations were recently released to the public when Officer Chatterji filed a Federal Civil Rights Action against the City and a high-ranking City official.

“The allegations by Officer Chatterji and the media coverage of the City’s response to the same caused direct damage to both the long-standing reputation and business interests of BIII Solutions,” said Attorney Komron John Maknoon, legal representation of B-Three Solutions. “As such, my client is initiating a civil action against Officer Chatterji.”

B-Three is also submitting a records request from the City for various email communications and documentation that will prove that the IT applications reviewed by Officer Chatterji were, in fact, completed, installed, and ready for acceptance testing.

“B-Three is aware of a number of communications that clearly indicate that they provided more than sufficient services to the City and that Officer Chatterji’s allegations were false,” said Maknoon.

“Mayor Peduto recently commented to the media that records requests need to be specific. We’re certain that the particular records we’re seeking will clear up any confusion about B-Three’s integrity and management of City applications.”