Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

At B-Three Solutions, we focus exclusively on delivering software solutions for our clients. We specialize in custom software development, both web- and client-based.

B-Three’s approach is simple and straightforward. We deliver software for a fixed fee, on a fixed timeline, and we guarantee our work with a 1-year written warranty.

Many of our competitors will under-bid and over-promise, only to come back to their clients and ask for extensions and more money. This gives the software development field a black eye. That’s not how we work.

The price that we quote to the client is the full price for the work described in the proposal. Our price does not change unless additional work is added to the project.

Software Development Methodology
In the field of software development, there are far too many cases where complexities are inserted into the development process, in order to provide a smokescreen that prevents the client from detecting price gouging.

In contrast, B-Three’s Software Development Methodology is not complicated. We believe that client involvement — achieved through clear and frequent communication — is absolutely essential to the development process.

During our analysis of a project, if we aren’t yet able to describe on paper what we will deliver and how it will work — and have the client be able to understand it — then we have more analysis to do.

At the end of the day, the software belongs to the client, so they need to understand from the conceptual point of view what the system does and how it works. This is a point that we believe is critical to all software projects, and the main reason why many projects fail.

Here at B-Three, we apply a modified Agile approach to software development – utilizing the best of both traditional and more modern development models.

We initiate every project by working with clients to create a high-level design of their product. This step allows us to estimate a project timeline, cost valuation, and the overall project goals.

We fine-tune the design by breaking our development process into two-week sprints, capped off with daily scrum sessions and sprint retrospective meetings. This methodology allows our project managers, clients, quality assurance team, and developers to collaborate on every step of the design progress.

This unique Agile methodology, exclusive to B-Three, allows flexibility for adjustments to the project design without negatively affecting the quoted timeline or budget. Clients can be meticulously involved in the evolution of their product without the fear of ballooning budgets, misunderstandings, or delayed development schedules. Working closely with our clients, we turn projects into success stories.